AAON Voted "Product of the Year" by Consulting-Specifying Engineer Magazine 2021


AAON, Inc. (NASDAQ: AAON), a leading manufacturer of heating and cooling products, announced that its RZ Series Rooftop Unit has been named 2021 Product of the Year ‐  Gold by the readers of Consulting‐Specifying Engineer.

AAON RZ Series Semi‐Custom Rooftop Units (45‐261 ton) are selectable with all the features needed for a job so it is a simple, turnkey piece of equipment, minimizing installation time and reducing labor costs. It is constructed of the highest quality materials and designs for the long‐lasting life of the equipment. High part load energy efficiencies (up to 22.5 IEER), variable speed compressors, modulating heating, modulating economizer, and energy recovery wheel provide operational savings and precise comfort control throughout the year.

"We are delighted that the readers of this leading trade journal have recognized our equipment by honoring us with this award," said Gary Fields, President and CEO of AAON. "We greatly appreciate this vote of confidence. It speaks to the great work of our employees and sales representatives who are committed to providing innovative HVAC products of the highest quality and performance."  


About Consulting‐Specifying Engineer

Consulting‐Specifying Engineer is a monthly publication with a circulation of over 47,000 mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) engineers. Consulting‐Specifying Engineer is the industry’s premier construction engineering resource for commercial building systems written and reviewed by professional consulting engineers for professional engineers.

About AAON

AAON is engaged in the engineering, manufacturing, marketing, and sale of air conditioning and heating equipment consisting of standard, semi‐custom, and custom rooftop units, chillers, packaged outdoor mechanical rooms, air handling units, condensing units, makeup air units, energy recovery units, geothermal/water‐source heat pumps, coils, and controls. Since the founding of AAON in 1988, AAON has maintained a commitment to design, develop, manufacture, and deliver heating and cooling products to perform beyond all expectations and demonstrate the value of AAON to our customers. For more information, please visit www.AAON.com.  


Eric Taylor
Marketing Manager
Phone: (918) 583‐2266
Email: marketing@aaon.com

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