Celebrating One Year of Innovation at the AAON Exploration Center

In April 2023, AAON opened the 28,000-square-foot Exploration Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This state-of-the-art facility was designed for customers and valued sales reps to explore AAON’s HVAC systems and equipment like never before. In its inaugural year, the Exploration Center hosted over 750 visitors from 30 different U.S. states and Canada to experience our hub for HVAC innovation firsthand. Beyond showcasing cutting-edge equipment, a visit to the Exploration Center is a must for those passionate about sustainability and energy efficiency in our industry.


At AAON, we continuously strive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by improving operational efficiencies with innovative energy solutions. Our Exploration Center itself is a testament to this commitment, boasting net-zero carbon emissions. This means the Center only produces as much energy as it consumes, driving carbon pollution down and contributing to the future of sustainable building practices. With sustainable technology in-house, we want to invite you inside our walls to share valuable insights and help you achieve your energy-saving goals.

Experience these technologies to implement in your own projects:

  • Geothermal HVAC System: Utilizing AAON's own geothermal HVAC system, we tap into the Earth's constant temperature to efficiently heat and cool the building.
  • Enhanced Building Envelope Insulation: Our state-of-the-art insulation minimizes heat transfer and maximizes energy efficiency.
  • LED Lighting and Controls: Energy-efficient LED lighting not only enhances the environment but also reduces energy consumption.


The Exploration Center’s interactive showroom offers a behind-the-scenes look at every stage of our innovative manufacturing process. Customers and reps can see, test, and explore HVAC systems in different conditions and compare AAON equipment side-by-side with competitor equipment.

Here is some of the sustainable equipment you can see in action:

  • Cabinet Construction: Learn the critical role cabinet construction plays in ensuring energy efficiency.
  • Fan Display: Discover the advantages of direct drive motors with backward curved plenum fans, a hallmark of superior design, over conventional belt-driven forward curved housed fans.
  • Energy Recovery Wheel: Explore the mechanics of AAON's energy recovery wheel (heat wheel), which optimizes air before it enters the cooling coil, resulting in significant energy savings and enhanced cooling efficiency.
  • Net Zero Display: Learn about the solar panels and geothermal water source heat pumps that make our Exploration Center a net-zero facility.
  • Refrigeration Cycle Display: Gain insights into the basic principles of cooling-only and heat pump cycles and explore the critical components of the refrigeration cycle.

Controls VAV System: Immerse yourself in the world of AAON's control systems, featuring a cutting-edge Variable Air Volume (VAV) system.

As we commemorate one year of the Exploration Center, we are inspired to continue our mission of engineering energy-efficient HVAC solutions. Don't just take our word for it—join us for a hands-on, immersive experience, tailored just for you. By fostering a community of like-minded individuals from around the globe, we can lead the charge toward a more sustainable world far beyond the walls of our Exploration Center.

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