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BASX Breaks Ground on a New Weld Shop

An image of the BASX team, project partners, and stakeholders outside.
An image of BASX team members, project partners, and stakeholders with shovels.
From left to right: Mary Knight (EDCO), Andy Cail (BASX), Shannon Wedding (City Council Representative for Mayor Fitch), Eric Sande (Redmond Chamber of Commerce), Dave Benson (BASX), Blaise Cacciola (BCA Architects), Mary Anne Brightwell (BASX), Todd Horrellou (BASX), Jeff Kaufman (BASX), and Tim Curry (SWB). 
An image of the ground breaking ceremony.
An image of shovels at the ground breaking ceremony.
An image of the BASX schematic sign on the construction site.
An image of excavators on the construction site.
Weld Shop Rendering

BASX is proud to announce we will be breaking ground on a new Weld Shop addition on the north side of our campus. This project will provide 36,000 additional square feet of dedicated space for a state-of-the-art welding facility. The shop will support welding operations for air handler base assemblies, fab cubes and related custom HVAC products. The space will also provide room for a new BLM Group tube laser, house a large (HE&M brand) vertical band saw and be fully air conditioned with filtration. This addition will provide workspace for roughly 50 current employees with the capacity to fill an additional 30 welding positions. This increase in warehouse space will allow BASX to utilize and repurpose the existing weld space in order to meet the needs of our Data Center, Cleanroom and Commercial HVAC customers.
Several key stakeholders and project partners plan to attend the event. This group includes BASX Co-founders, Dave Benson and Matt Tobolski as well as:
•    Blaise Cacciola - Architect
•    SWB - Construction Contractor
•    HWA - Civil Engineering 
•    Ashley Vance - Structural Engineering
•    REDI - Redmond Economic Development Inc.
•    Redmond Chamber of Commerce
About BASX
BASX is committed to providing job opportunities in manufacturing for the Central Oregon region. Positions from entry level to experienced and even professional opportunities are available in many growing departments within the company.

BASX has been undergoing significant changes over the past few years. We completed the 75,000 sf warehouse addition back in 2021 and a modern 2 story, 15,000 sf office building was completed in 2022. BASX Solutions was acquired by AAON in 2021 and will be rebranding to BASX, Inc.. BASX is focused on quality, innovation, and state-of-the-art technology. We are honored to display the Made-in-America emblem on every one of our products.

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