The world is asking for better solutions. AAON is delivering. Since 1988, we've been committed to driving the industry forward for a cleaner and more sustainable future.

We're Pushing Boundaries

AAON provides highly configurable HVAC solutions that answer customer-specific needs in any commercial or industrial environment. We are committed to driving the industry forward through the design, manufacturing, and rigorous testing of premium HVAC equipment.

Our Values


Show integrity and high ethical standards


Exhibit a strong work ethic and positive attitude


Work with one another to build high-performing teams


Exemplify our “we can” spirit


Honor our diversity with inclusion, appreciation and attentiveness

The Beginning

The history of AAON extends back to 1988 when our founder Norm Asbjornson decided to create a business that designs and produces highly configurable HVAC equipment that excelled in performance relative to the market.

Cutting-edge innovation and engineering were the primary focus since day one. This foundation supported the company’s growth in its early days and is just as important today.  

Over the last 35 years, we have grown from a modest start-up to a publicly-traded industry leader with more than 3,000 employees and four facilities across the United States.

With nearly 2 million square feet and the world's most capable HVAC testing laboratory, our engineers are empowered to ask "what if" and advance what's possible. 

From Niche to Mainstream

Secular trends related to decarbonization and indoor air quality are leading to a shift in demand from standard equipment to more capable, highly sophisticated equipment that is more energy efficient while providing cleaner air quality.

As a result, more customers are asking for the "sustainable innovation" that AAON has been providing since day one.

Although sustainable innovation will always come at a premium, our years of experience creating the most efficient automated production operations enables us to deliver the highest quality equipment at a very attractive price. 

Timeline of Success

AAON, an Oklahoma corporation, was founded.

Purchase of John Zink Air Conditioning Division.

AAON purchased, renovated, and moved into a 184,000 square foot plant in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Introduced a new product line of rooftop heating and air conditioning units 2-140 tons.

Listed on NASDAQ Small Cap - Symbol “AAON”.
Formed AAON Coil Products, a Texas Corporation, as a subsidiary to AAON, Inc. (Nevada) and purchased coil making assets of Coil Plus.
AAON Coil Products purchased, renovated, and moved into a 110,000 square foot plant in Longview, Texas.
Listed on the NASDAQ National Market System.
Completed expansion of the Tulsa facility to 332,000 square feet.
Purchased 40 acres with 457,000 square foot plant and 22,000 square foot office space located across from Tulsa facility.

AAON yearly shipments exceed $100 million.

Received U.S. patent for Dimple Heat Exchanger Tube.

Completed Tulsa, Oklahoma and Longview, Texas plant additions yielding a total exceeding one million square feet.
Introduced evaporative-cooled condensing energy savings feature.
Started production of polyurethane foam-filled double-wall construction panels for rooftop and chiller products using newly purchased manufacturing equipment.

AAON RQ Series win ACHR News Dealer Design award.

AAON RN Series rooftop unit named 2010 Product of the Year - Silver by Consulting-Specifying Engineer Magazine.

AAON yearly shipments exceed $300 million.
AAON Low Leakage Dampers voted “Product of the Year” by Consulting-Specifying Engineer magazine.
WattMaster Controls, Inc. Acquisition

AAON Breaks Ground on New Facility in Longview.

AAON Opens Norman Asbjornson Innovation Center.

Founder Norman H. Asbjornson Transitions to Executive Chairman. Gary D. Fields assumes new role as CEO.

AAON RN Series with Variable Speed Compressors voted “Most Valuable Product”.

AAON exceeds $500 million in sales.

AAON introduces new low ambient air-source heat pump rooftop units.

AAON introduces the AAON Mobile Experience tour trailer.

AAON RZ Series Rooftop Unit named "Product of the Year" by readers of Consulting-Specifying Engineer magazine.

BASX Solutions acquisition closed.

AAON Zero Degree Cold Climate Air-Source Heat Pumps win ACHR Dealer Design award.