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Alpha Class

Accelerating the adoption of cleaner commercial
heat pump technology.

Not just game changing. World changing.

With Alpha Class, AAON pushes the boundaries of what’s possible with outstanding omni-climate performance.

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And world-changing.

Award-winning design, certified technology.

For a better tomorrow.

AAON Alpha class buildings

By pushing the boundaries of what's possible with extraordinary omni-climate performance, AAON Alpha Class empowers more people in more places to adopt cleaner, more efficient HVAC technology for a better tomorrow.

AAON Alpha class buildings in snow

First-in-class low ambient heating capability.


Rigorously tested and proven to perform in colder climates, down to zero degrees Fahrenheit

low ambient heating

Engineered for higher efficiency and lower emissions.

  • World-renowned cabinet construction, featuring double-walled polyurethane foam injected panels
  • Efficiency-boosting configurations that reduce carbon footprint
  • Proven performance in a wide range of environments
AAON AlphaClass

Offering the innovation our future demands — today.

  • Variable speed technology
  • All-electric or dual fuel
  • Dedicated outdoor air space (DOAS) capability
  • Energy recovery
Alpha Class welder

Our solution to the critical demand for building decarbonization.


Reliable heating in low ambient temperatures

AAON Alpha Class air-source heat pumps are capable of operating reliably at lower ambient temperatures and with high heating capacities over a wide range of operating conditions. AAON Alpha Class heat pumps perform well in climates where other solutions cannot.

High-efficiency electrified heating & cooling

AAON Alpha Class air-source heat pumps have AHRI-certified heating COPs of up to 3.7 and cooling IEER values up to 21.5, saving energy costs year-round.

Precise comfort control without burning fossil fuels

Variable speed compressor heat pump heating combined with an auxiliary modulating electric heater allows comfortable heating control, even in extreme temperatures without the use of fossil fuels.

AAONAIRE® energy recovery

The addition of AAONAIRE energy recovery wheels significantly increases the efficiency of AAON Alpha Class units to maximize energy savings. Selecting this feature increases the COP of the system significantly and also provides more effective performance by preconditioning the outside air.

Renowned cabinet design and construction

Standard two-inch rigid polyurethane foam-injected panels have a thermal resistance R-value of 13 or greater, exceeding that of a cabinet with four-inch fiberglass construction. This retains useful heating to the building instead of wasting it through the cabinet.
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Wide range of available capacities

AAON Alpha Class air-source heat pumps are available from 2-70 tons.
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Dual Fuel

In addition to the 100% electric configuration, AAON provides the option to select a supplemental gas heater to provide heat in situations that require it. The gas heat is only used in extremely low-ambient temperatures, greatly reducing overall fossil fuel usage while providing comfort in all conditions.

Economizer Option

Up to 100% airflow economizer dampers provide energy-saving, free conditioning when conditions meet setpoint values. This feature also provides ventilation air under all conditions to meet indoor air quality requirements with fresh outside air.
speed fan

Variable speed fans

Variable speed supply fans and variable speed outdoor fans provide high performance heat pump heating and cooling airflow. Variable speed control allows for energy savings at reduced airflow.

Variable speed compressors

These operate with the highest part load efficiencies over any other compressor technology and provide precise temperature and humidity control. Specific controls protect the compressor by ensuring it operates within the safety of the compressor operating envelope.
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Modulating hot gas reheat capacities

Modulating hot gas reheat humidity control is available to provide energy efficiency dehumidification, even with low sensible heat loads, without the temperature swings common with on/off reheat systems.

Meet the lineup

RQ Series - Alpha Class

RQ Series - Alpha Class

2-6 tons
Split Systems - Alpha Class

Split Systems - Alpha Class

2-40 tons
RN Series - Alpha Class

RN Series - Alpha Class

6-60 tons
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