A diverse and inclusive workplace is integral to our business strategy and critical to our continued success. We are committed to hiring, retaining and promoting a diverse workforce while advancing a workplace culture of inclusion, in which each team member is valued for their ideas, identities, experiences and talents. Diversity and inclusion are key drivers for furthering innovation, productivity and team member engagement at AAON. AAON employs individuals from more than 32 countries.

AAON has two team member resource groups: AAON Veterans Empowering Through Service (V.E.T.S.) and the Women’s Alliance and Resource Program (WARP). The mission of AAON V.E.T.S. is to unify the core values, beliefs and understanding of active, reserve, National Guard service members, veterans and military family members with that of our AAON business culture.

WARP strives to foster a supportive, encouraging and inclusive environment to provide programs, resources for professional and personal development opportunities.

  • Promoting the advancement of women in the workplace
  • Communicating and connecting to overall company strategy
  • Mentorship opportunities
  • Educating and sharing information about common gender biases
  • Celebrating the diversity among women and building on our strengths
  • Supporting collaboration over competition
  • Empowering women to find their voice across cultures

AAON supports Oklahoma women in STEM, which celebrates women in STEM fields and inspires the next generation. AAON is also involved in the Society of Women Engineers, a non-profit service organization founded in 1950, which helps to foster a supportive environment for women to excel in engineering.

AAON participates in the Tulsa Chamber’s Mosaic Diversity and Inclusion Index and has been recognized as a Mosaic Top Inclusive Workplace. Mosaic is the Tulsa Regional Chamber’s diversity business council committed to help educate, lead, and influence businesses on creating diverse and inclusive workforce cultures to enhance their competitive advantage.

AAON offers on-site classes to help team members develop professionally and advance in the company such as - English as a Second Language, Spanish Language Classes, and Frontline Leadership Training for new and existing leaders.

AAON regularly promotes team member achievements with our internal Team Member Spotlight program and the AAON Aim High program. This program highlights employees from various cultural and educational backgrounds to showcase their career achievements and career advancement at AAON.

AAON has hosted Disability Etiquette training for team members and partners with organizations in our community, such as A New Leaf and TARC.