Condensers & Condensing Units

Engineered for energy efficiency, long-lasting performance, and easy installation, AAON units offer value for years to come.

AAON Condensers and Condensing Units are completely factory assembled, wired, and run tested.

Many available options are factory installed to minimize field installation time and reduce costs. For a complete AAON System with premium efficiency, air handling units are available that will match CF Series. AAON Condensing Units boast the same benefits that customers have come to expect from other AAON products - serviceability, quiet operation, reliability, premium efficiency, world-class construction, and a number of premier options that provide the flexibility to suit any application.

CF Angle3A


  • Variable speed condenser fans for precise airflow control and reduced power consumption.
  • Polymer e-coated coils are available to extend the life of the coils and protect them in corrosive environments
  • Staged, two-step, or 10-100% variable capacity R-410A scroll compressors are available for load matching cooling and heat pump heating

High-Level Specifications

  • Available in 2-70 tons
  • Vertical or Horizontal Discharge Configurations
  • Application Flexibility

Testing & Quality Control

  • Minimize Field Installation - factory installed options
  • Application Flexibility

Engineered to Optimize

All AAON HVAC products are highly configurable and designed to optimize your exact environment.

Our cutting-edge engineering and testing capabilities enable us to push the boundaries of what's possible for outstanding performance in virtually any climate and application.

Industry Leading Quality

AAON stops at nothing to design the very best.

With high quality features like foam injected panels, quarter-turn handles, and premium direct drive fans, our systems set the industry standard for longevity and low cost of ownership.

Ease of Maintenance

AAON equipment is easy to access and convenient to work on. Our award-winning cabinet designs make it simple for technicians to service our units efficiently and affordably.

Unique features like color-coded wiring and full-height stainless steel door hinges are designed with serviceability in mind.

Verified Performance

AAON HVAC units offer easy start-up and renowned reliability.

Our products are tested for all functions and receive a unit-specific report before they leave the factory.


CF Series

CF Series

Capacity 2 - 70 tons tons
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Setting industry firsts since 1988.

Contact your local AAON Rep to find out which option best fits your needs.