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Sophisticated sequences, user friendly configurations - with more than 30 years of lab-tested, field proven experience, AAON Controls is ready to meet the demanding needs of modern HVAC systems.

Proven lab-tested sequences optimize performance and energy savings.

AAON controls solutions improve occupant comfort and enhance the performance of your units. From tougher building regulations to higher efficiency requirements, get the most out of your HVAC units with AAON controls solutions designed to provide the most customer comfort with the highest energy efficiency.

Key Considerations for Controls

Our controls are designed with multiple applications in mind.

This allows a simple hardware footprint while leveraging a variety of features to meet your needs.

Standard applications include:


  • Multi-Zone Variable Air Volume (VAV)
  • Multi-Zone VAV with Heat Tempering
  • Makeup Air
  • Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS)
  • Return Air Control
  • Space Controlled
  • Space Temperature with High Percentage Outdoor Air Content
  • Single Zone VAV
  • Single Zone VAV with High Percentage Outdoor Air Content
  • Thermostat Controlled \ 3rd party interface

VAV Controller

  • Single Duct Cooling Only
  • Single Duct Cooling W\Box Reheat
  • Heat\Cool Changeover
  • Heat\Cool Changeover W\Box Reheat
  • Series Fan Powered Box
  • Series Fan Powered Box W\Box Reheat
  • Parallel Fan Powered Box
  • Parallel Fan Powered Box W\Box Reheat


  • Unit Heater
  • Exhaust Fan
  • Motorized Isolation Dampers
  • Motorized Modulation Makeup Dampers
  • In-Floor Zone Heating
  • Humidification Control
  • Lighting Control
  • Return CAV damper control
  • Dual/Duct VAV control
  • Simple AHU control
  • Fan coil unit

Chiller Plant

  • Pump Enables
  • Pump Speed control
  • Chiller Supply Temp Reset
  • Primary/Secondary 3-way valve control
  • Cooling Tower Control


  • Boiler Plant
  • Pump Enables
  • Pump Speed control
  • Boiler Supply Temp Reset,
  • Primary/Secondary 3-way valve control
  • Heat Exchanger Control

Heat Pump GEO Thermal Loop Control

MUA Fan Speed / Outside Air Damper control for Commercial Kitchen Exhaust

Lead / Lag Pump control

Lead / Lag RTU control

Lead / Lag Chiller control

Lead / Lag Boiler control

Lead / Lag Misc. Control

Building automation can be complicated and costly to set up and maintain.

Our controls allow for in-depth user configuration without the need for expertise in computer coding to set up, maintain, or update. With the use of our free Prism2 software, most configurations can be handled in the field or from the comfort of an office.

Our design philosophy also takes into account the unique needs of our customers and can seamlessly interface with any BACnet-capable system without sacrificing unit performance.

For standalone applications, you don’t need to have an expensive overly complicated BAS/BMS system to control additional building equipment.

 Our controls solutions can handle VAV, Unit Heater, Boilers, Chillers, and more. 

Engineered to Optimize

All AAON HVAC products are highly configurable and designed to optimize your exact environment with cutting-edge engineering to push the boundaries in virtually any setting.

Industry Leading Quality

AAON stops at nothing to design the very best. Our systems set the industry standard for longevity and low cost of ownership.

Ease of Maintenance

AAON equipment is easy to access and convenient to work on. Our award-winning cabinet designs make it simple for technicians to service our units efficiently and affordably.

Verified Performance

AAON HVAC units offer easy start-up and renowned reliability. Our products are tested for all functions and receive a unit-specific report before they leave the factory.

Dare us to exceed expectations.

Regardless of the challenge, AAON has the capabilities to fulfill project requirements and deliver long-term value to customers. Contact an AAON Representative to learn how our products serve as your solutions.