We engineer forward-thinking solutions that promote environmental well-being.

Our purpose-driven operations contribute to a more sustainable world.

At AAON, we continually strive to improve our environmental and social impact. Our relentless pursuit of sustainability guarantees the preservation of essential resources for future generations to come. 

Beyond industry compliance, we champion social responsibility and ethical operations, focusing on environmental and community stewardship, team member safety, and responsible economic growth.

2023 Sustainability Report

2022 ESG Report

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We pursue energy efficiency and conservation by decarbonizing our operations and diversifying our energy portfolio.


We recognize water is a critical resource to our planet and our business. We monitor usage at all our facilities and strive to conserve and reduce consumption wherever possible. 


We responsibly manage our waste by recycling, reducing, reusing, and sourcing more environmentally friendly materials into our processes. 

We forge a future where sustainability is not just a goal but a reality.

Climate change is one of the most significant issues facing humanity. Non-residential buildings utilize approximately 16% of the energy consumed in the United States; and from that, 40% is associated with heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning.

As a leading designer and manufacturer of the most energy-efficient commercial HVAC solutions, we are committed to increasing the production of non-fossil fuel consuming products. Our innovative designs help our customers reduce their carbon footprint while reducing the cost of building management and maintenance.

From Our CEO

"I am proud to lead a company that has such a significant impact on the world. We take immense pride in outpacing the industry in innovation and challenging our competitors related to energy efficiency and sustainability. AAON empowers people and manages our facilities, work processes, and business systems to deliver sustainable long-term value to all stakeholders. We continue to strive to further growth and progress in the communities where we live and work."


- Gary Fields, CEO AAON, Inc.