At AAON, we believe our products and solutions will help our customers and partners create a more sustainable world.

Operating With Purpose

It’s our business every day to work in a socially responsible and ethical manner as we improve our environmental stewardship. We recognize that climate change is a global crisis. We are committed to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) through operational efficiencies and investments in projects that reduce carbon emissions at all locations.


2022 AAON ESG Report

2021 Report

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Energy efficiency is a priority in current operations and future planning.

  • AAON has transitioned to over 95% LED lighting, leading to considerable cost savings and reduced energy consumption.
  • 27% of AAON’s energy portfolio is derived from renewable sources.
  • Energy efficiency has been a priority in the $55 million of capital investments for improvements. The new construction of the AAON Exploration Center is on target to be a net-zero building.


We monitor water usage at all our facilities and strive to conserve and reduce consumption where possible.

  • We recorded a 65% reduction in our water withdrawal through infrastructure improvements from 2020 to 2021.


We focus on recycling, reducing, reusing, and sourcing more environmentally-friendly materials into our processes.

  • AAON recycled 17% more metals in 2021 as compared to 2020.
  • We work to recycle hazardous waste, including oil and paint. We successfully transported and recycled 68 tons of hazardous waste in 2021.
  • Our facilities recycle paper, wood, and cardboard, where available through our partnership with a waste-to-energy facility. We successfully diverted more than 460 tons of waste from landfills.
  • Our Tulsa facility is landfill-free.

We're committed to helping others

Climate change is one of the most significant issues facing humanity. Non-residential buildings utilize approximately 15% of the energy consumed in the United States; and from that, 40% is associated with heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning.

As a leading designer and manufacturer of the most energy-efficient products in the commercial HVAC industry, our innovative designs substantially help our customers reduce their carbon footprint while reducing the cost of building management and maintenance.

We are committed to increasing the production of AAON air, water, and electric-powered units.

From Our CEO

"Sustainability is at the core of our business strategies and corporate citizenship efforts. AAON continues to level up in reducing the energy intensity of our own facilities while also researching and developing new product solutions for the evolving environmental standards. We strive to be a steward of society by leading our people and managing our facilities to benefit the long-term growth of our communities."


- Gary Fields, CEO AAON, Inc.