AAON offers classroom and hands-on training programs to a wide range of skill levels and experience — from start-up technicians to sales engineers.

At AAON, we’re committed to driving our industry forward through design, manufacturing, and rigorous testing of innovative air solutions for a cleaner and more sustainable future.

In addition to building the most efficient and reliable HVAC equipment on Earth, we’re dedicated to providing world-class training programs for AAON Sales Representatives and their customers.

Masters of HVAC - Building a Foundation for Top Performing Sales Representatives

The AAON Masters of HVAC training program is offered to all AAON Sales Representatives and is widely considered one of the most advanced HVAC training program available today. Since 2017, AAON has partnered with industry expert Joe Becker and Becker Learning to develop this custom-tailored program focused on empowering AAON Sales Representatives to develop a high level of proficiency in operating, optimizing, and selling AAON HVAC equipment.

Why does training our Rep Force matter to you?

We aim to sell more than just a product; We aim to offer a solution capable of meeting and exceeding your growing needs and unique specifications.

Through the Masters of HVAC program, AAON Sales Representatives receive a solid technical understanding of Airside, Refrigeration, Systems, Equipment, and Energy Efficiency design.

In addition, our Sales Representatives learns to effectively apply AAON’s cutting-edge engineering and testing capabilities to push the boundaries of what is possible for outstanding performance in virtually any climate and application. These crucial skills enable them to serve you in a way that results in long-term business by knowing how AAON’s products help you address your HVAC challenges.

Technical Academy – Training today’s Technicians for Tomorrow’s Challenges.

The AAON Technical Academy is the premier training program for educating service technicians on AAON HVAC equipment, controls, applications, and more.

The AAON Technical Academy offers content created specifically geared toward real-life situations that technicians may experience when installing, servicing, and maintaining AAON equipment. The Technical Academy allows the technicians to work on a variety of AAON equipment in a controlled environment and with simulators that create real-world scenarios to test their ability to think and adapt through the troubleshooting process."

Our training facilities are conveniently located at AAON manufacturing plants, giving students access to the latest equipment, engineering resources, and training center.

Our limited class size allows for better participation and one-on-one attention. As a result, technicians leave more confident, knowledgeable, and experienced on AAON HVAC equipment.

To sign up, please contact your local AAON Representative.