Cleaner energy efficient products are becoming more of a necessity in the world of building decarbonization. AAON Air-Source Heat Pumps provide a solution to meeting those increasing energy efficiency demands, with options available to satisfy strict energy source requirements.

Air-Source Heat Pumps are known for the ability to provide efficient heating and cooling by using the unit’s refrigeration circuit. Indoor coils are used as the heating coil by simply reversing the flow of the unit’s refrigeration circuit, providing a more efficient method of heating than traditional electric resistance heating. Increased efficiency means lower operating costs and a more effective solution to indoor air comfort. Heat pump heating can also provide cost savings versus gas, propane or fuel oil heating, depending on local energy costs. More importantly air-source heat pumps offers a solution to those markets moving away from traditional fossil fuel energy sources.

For colder climates where traditional heat pumps are limited in operation, AAON Zero Degree Cold Climate Air-Source Heat Pumps operate at lower ambient temperatures than traditional heat pumps and with higher heating capacities at all operating conditions. Variable speed compressor heat pump heating combined with auxiliary electric heater for comfortable and reliable heating on the extreme design conditions, without resorting to the consumption of fossil fuels.

AAON Zero Degree Cold Climate Air-Source Heat Pumps are available in 2-30 tons.

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