Clean Rooms

No matter your specifications, BASX Solutions has the answer for your clean room environment.

BASX Solutions offers a wide range of custom-designed solutions to meet your clean room environment specifications, from Grade A and B to Class 1 to 100,000.

With over 25 years in custom clean room design and manufacturing for some of the most important bio-pharmaceutical, semiconductor and medical device companies in the world, BASX Solutions has the experience you can count on to deliver cost-effective solutions that are energy efficient and maximize clean room effectiveness.

Industry Solutions

BASX Solutions manufactures custom products for many different Cleanroom industry applications including: Agricultural, Healthcare, Laboratory & Pharmaceutical Environments.

Modular Agricultural Facilities - https://basxsolutions.com/modular-agricultural-facilities/

Grid Systems - https://basxsolutions.com/cleanroom-grid-systems/

Plenum Systems - https://basxsolutions.com/cleanroom-plenum-systems/

Ceiling Systems - https://basxsolutions.com/ceiling-systems/

Air Handling Units - https://basxsolutions.com/custom-air-handling-units/

Medical Applications - https://basxsolutions.com/medical-applications/

Packaged DX Air Handling Units - https://basxsolutions.com/packaged-dx-units/

Fan Replacement - https://basxsolutions.com/fan-replacement/

Overhead Cooling Units - https://basxsolutions.com/overhead-cooling-units/

Fan Powered Plenums - https://basxsolutions.com/fan-powered-plenum-modules/

HEPA Station Laminar Flow Work Bench - https://basxsolutions.com/hepastation-laminar-flow-work-bench/

Main Page Link: https://basxsolutions.com/cleanroom-solutions/

Brochure Link: https://basxsolutions.com/wp-content/uploads/Cleanroom-Brochure-2021.pdf

A solution for your clean room environments