AAON manufactures equipment for exceptional performance and longevity. High quality technical service is critical to maintain equipment efficiency throughout its lifespan. AAON partners with independent representatives to provide technicians with the training and information necessary for optimal service.

Our units are designed with service technicians in mind. We make our equipment easy to start up, commission and service. 

  • Easy access service doors – Our doors are easy to open.Turn the handle on the panel door to have instant access, no additional equipment needed. No screws left behind on the roof.
  • Large cabinets – Our cabinets allow visibility to all components within for easy access.
  • Wiring and wiring diagrams – Our wiring diagrams and actual wires are color coded for quicker readability. Components are labeled to match the wiring diagrams.
  • Documentation – We provide unit and controls documentation for general maintenance, wiring, and troubleshooting information. 

The AAON Technical Academy trains service technicians on the inner workings of AAON equipment, troubleshooting protocols, and maintenance best practices. 

We also have dedicated technical support teams ready to assist technicians with any questions or troubleshooting needed. 

For additional resources, see links below. 

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AAON Technical Academy

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