AAON Partners with XOi to Connect Service Technicians with Essential Equipment Data & Insights

To stay at the forefront of innovation and streamline service operations, AAON has announced a strategic partnership with XOi, a leader in technician-first technology solutions. XOi’s field intelligence-powered platform provides AAON technicians with a comprehensive ecosystem of equipment data available at their fingertips in the field. This new collaboration will connect the full lifecycle of AAON equipment, from manufacturing to replacement, to help expedite issue resolution, boost productivity, and elevate customer satisfaction.

With seamless access to critical equipment data and insights, our aim is to optimize our warranty workflows and help technicians spend less time administratively resolving issues. Since implementing XOi, our rep firms report a 100% approval rate for completed warranty claims, significantly reducing the time spent to complete each job.

“XOi’s industry-leading platform helps us own the full lifecycle of AAON equipment, making the installation and service of AAON equipment a guided, repeatable process. With the support and insights available through XOi, techs can act more efficiently while increasing accuracy, leading to shorter turnaround times and fewer callbacks.”

— David Recca, AAON Service Development Manager

XOi supports our goal to own the equipment lifestyle experience by connecting the experts in the field to the experts in the factory. With this direct connection with the field, our process of approving/denying warranty claims has been cut in half. Decisions are now based on facts technicians report from the field directly to the factory and parts are shipped correctly the first time, ultimately enhancing the customer experience.

With XOi, AAON technicians now have an all-new capacity to document, communicate, and verify the services they provide, fostering continued trust and loyalty in customer relationships. We are excited to join forces with XOi to connect the equipment lifecycle and set a new standard in field service excellence.

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