Free Resources for the A2L transition from AHRI

With the A2L refrigerant transition, building codes across the nation are undergoing rapid changes, making it challenging to stay up to date on the latest information. To stay well-informed and prepared for this industry-wide shift, we recommend using these free resources from AHRI. 

AHRI’s A2L Video Series

From safety guidelines to compliance requirements, AHRI's A2L Video Series has the answers to many common questions that arise from the complexity of the A2L refrigerant transition. Gain valuable insights and stay well-prepared for the changes ahead with AHRI’s A2L Video Series. 



Interactive Map by AHRI

Navigating through state and local building codes can be challenging. An interactive map developed by AHRI allows users to explore legislation and building codes passed in their area, categorized by state and local building codes. This user-friendly resource ensures you can easily identify and comprehend the regulations affecting your region. For quick reference, visit and bookmark the interactive map. 


As the A2L refrigerant transition continues to reshape our industry, staying informed is the key to compliance and success. 

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