AAON Revit Files


Use the links below to download AAON RN Series rooftop unit (A, B, and C Cabinet), Next Gen RN Series rooftop unit (C Horizontal, D, and E Cabinet), RQ Series rooftop unit, H3/V3 Series air handling unit, and CF Series condensing unit Revit drawings. The zip files for RQ and RN Series Rooftops include all unit configurations and are changed with the “Family Types” property. For example - Standard, Economizer, Power Exhaust, Power Return, and Energy Recovery Wheel. For electric heat rooftop units, use the gas heat drawings and ignore or remove the gas connections. Contact your local AAON Representative to request Revit files of other AAON equipment.


RN Series Air-Cooled

RN Series Water-Cooled

RN Series Chilled Water 

RN Series No Cooling or DX Air Handling Unit

Next Gen RN Series 

RQ Series Air-Cooled

RQ Series Water-Cooled

RQ Series Chilled Water

RQ Series No Cooling or DX Air Handling Unit

H3/V3 Series Air Handling Unit

CF Series Condensing Unit