DX Evaporator or Condenser Coils

For any system requiring direct expansion refrigerant coils, AAON can provide the evaporator or condenser coil to match the exact need.

All DX evaporator coils and heat pump condenser coils include rifled tube enhancements and refrigerant distributors that ensure proper refrigerant distribution into the coil. AAON DX coils are designed to maximize performance no matter the specific job requirements.

  • DX evaporator coils are available with multiple rows, multiple fins per inch options, and can be configured with interlaced or face split circuitry for capacity modulation and capitalize on valuable energy savings. 
  • DX condenser coils are available with multiple rows, up to 22 fins per inch, and can be configured with interlaced or face split circuitry.

Engineered to Optimize

All AAON HVAC products are highly configurable and designed to optimize your exact environment with cutting-edge engineering to push the boundaries in virtually any setting.

Industry Leading Quality

AAON stops at nothing to design the very best. Our systems set the industry standard for longevity and low cost of ownership.

Ease of Maintenance

AAON equipment is easy to access and convenient to work on. Our award-winning cabinet designs make it simple for technicians to service our units efficiently and affordably.

Verified Performance

AAON HVAC units offer easy start-up and renowned reliability. Our products are tested for all functions and receive a unit-specific report before they leave the factory.


The world is asking for better solutions. AAON is delivering.

Our expert reps will listen and help you find long-term value and performance to make a difference — together.