Chillers & Outdoor Mechanical Rooms

Eliminate the need for a mechanical room with a factory-engineered and installed pumping package. AAON Chillers offer space savings and premium performance.

Variable capacity compressors and high-efficiency air-cooled and evaporative-cooled condensing are available to maximize performance.

Factory-engineered and installed chilled water pumping packages complete the system. Factory-installed controls arrive ready for operation. AAON Chiller outdoor mechanical rooms feature weatherproof, double-wall, rigid polyurethane foam panel construction with lighted walk-in service compartments to allow maximum accessibility while installing and maintaining the equipment. A boiler and a boiler pumping package can also be factory-installed in the outdoor mechanical room.

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  • Factory assembled before leaving the factory - all water, refrigerant and electrical components are run tested for a quick and easy field startup.
  • Microchannel condenser coils that increase the effective surface area for heat transfer, leading to a more efficient chiller.
  • Designed for outdoor environments, includes a corrosion resistant paint that exceeds a 2,500-hour salt-spray test.

HL Specs

  • Available in 4 - 55 tons
  • Mechanical cooling at low ambient temperatures down to 0°F.

Key Differentiators

  • Compact Design - compact chiller footprint
  • Energy Efficient - VFD or ECM driven condenser fans
  • Low Ambient Applications - glycol chillers are available

Engineered to Optimize

All AAON HVAC products are highly configurable and designed to optimize your exact environment with cutting-edge engineering to push the boundaries in virtually any setting.

Industry Leading Quality

AAON stops at nothing to design the very best. Our systems set the industry standard for longevity and low cost of ownership.

Ease of Maintenance

AAON equipment is easy to access and convenient to work on. Our award-winning cabinet designs make it simple for technicians to service our units efficiently and affordably.

Verified Performance

AAON HVAC units offer easy start-up and renowned reliability. Our products are tested for all functions and receive a unit-specific report before they leave the factory.


Setting industry firsts since 1988.

Contact your local AAON Rep to find out which option best fits your needs.