Inside AAON Episode 02: Learning How to Fail Successfully with Mark Fly

Mark Fly, Executive Director of the NAIC, joins hosts Derby Juez-Perez and Whitney Tapp to discuss how taking risks drives innovation and success. With 18 years of experience at AAON and recognition as an ASHRAE Fellow and Distinguished Lecturer, Mark shares his insights on why persevering, working hard, and embracing experimental failures leads to real change in the HVAC industry.

“I learned very early in life that I didn't have to be the smartest or most talented person in the world if I was willing to work harder than anybody else…and that’s worked for me my whole career.”

— Mark Fly

Tune in to Inside AAON Episode 02 for expert advice on how to overcome the fear of failure, embrace risk, and fuel innovation in everything you do.


5:02 — Mark’s definition of failure and how it relates to success 
10:47 — Why you have to take risks to be an innovative leader
13:38 — How to overcome the fear of failure
17:13 — Why AAON fosters a culture of taking risks
19:27 — How AAON’s culture has evolved throughout Mark’s career
24:40 — How to build a culture of risk and innovation
32:50 — Mark shares the next step in his career


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