Inside AAON Episode 01: Navigating the Refrigerant Transition with Kevin Teakell

Join co-hosts Whitney Tapp and Derby Juez-Perez as they sit down with Kevin Teakell, AAON Senior Manager of Governance and Industry Affairs, to discuss the impact of the current refrigerant transition. As the head of Government Affairs, Kevin has spent 28 years at AAON focusing on the regulations of chemicals, refrigerants, product efficiency, and more. With his wealth of industry expertise, Kevin offers a valuable perspective on the transition to refrigerants with A2L classification, like R-454B.

Tune in to the inaugural episode of Inside AAON for actionable insights and expert advice on how to navigate the transition safely and efficiently. 


2:25 — How the latest refrigerant transition to R-454B compares to past transitions
5:58 — Why AAON chose R-454B to replace R-410A refrigerant
8:09 — Understanding the A2L classification of R-454B as a flammable refrigerant
12:20 — How AAON assures safety with rigorous testing and safety measures
17:12 — The process of aligning safety standards and building codes across the U.S.
23:50 — How AAON will transport equipment under the new A2L classification 
28:24 — How the new EPA Ruling affects AAON’s sell-through period
31:05 — Refrigerant terminology and FAQs explained by Kevin Teakell



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