Operator Interfaces

The AAON controls product line offers a variety of interface devices to provide the flexibility contractors and end-users need.

System Manager Touchscreen

  • System Manager Touchscreen – Limited Access. The SMTS-L provides an easy to use graphical menu-driven interface for End-Users. It allows the user to view status, change Space Temperature Setpoints and Schedules, and view available alarms.
  • System Manager TS II Operator Interface. The System Manager TS provides an easy to use graphical menu-driven interface to enable the operator to view the status and adjust setpoints. This device is consider an Operator Interface because it provides full access to the controller.  Note: This device is not compatible with VCCX2 Controllers.



System Manager Touchscreen - Limited Access Technical Guide

System Manager Touchscreen II Quick Start Guide

System Manager Touchscreen II Technical Guide

System Manager Touchscreen II for the GPC-XP Controller Technical Guide


Modular Service Tool

The Modular Service Tool SD is a field technician operator interface that provides a direct link to enable the technician to view the status, configure, and adjust the setpoints of all Orion Controllers including VCCX2 Controller.

This device was designed to be hand-carried and it’s rugged plastic housing provides superior protection for use in the field.

Modular System Manager SD

The Module System Manager SD is an Operator Interface that allows you to perform a full configuration of your controller. This device is compatible with all Orion Controls products including VCCX2 Controller.



Modular Service Tool Technical Guide

VCCX2 Controller and VAV/Zone Controller Operator Interface SD Technical Guide

Updating the latest Modular Service Tool SD Software with Prism 2

Updating to the latest Modular Service Tool SD software with another Modular Service Tool SD (Modular-HH-Screens)

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