What are the benefits of AAON Alpha Class Air-Source Heat Pumps? 

Alpha Class is AAON’s highest-performing advancement in commercial air-source heat pump technology. 

Designed to revolutionize HVAC systems, Alpha Class air-source heat pumps offer exceptional performance, eco-friendly design, energy efficiency, and adaptability.  


Explore the key features and benefits of Alpha Class below: 


Omni-Climate Capability 

  • Exceptional omni-climate performance, suitable for a wide range of environments. 

Low-Ambient Heating 

  • Reliable operation in low ambient temperatures, making them effective in colder climates. 

Eco-Friendly Refrigerants 

  • Incorporates low global warming potential refrigerants. 

Energy Efficiency 

  • High heating COPs (Coefficient of Performance) up to 3.7 and cooling IEER (Integrated Energy Efficiency Ratio) values up to 21.5. 

Fossil Fuel-Free Heating 

  • Utilizes variable speed compressor heat pump heating and modulating electric heaters for precise comfort control without burning fossil fuels. 

Energy Recovery 

  • AAONAIRE energy recovery wheels enhance efficiency, increase COP, and provide effective outside air preconditioning. 

Optimized Cabinet Design 

Variable Speed Compressors and Fans 

  • Provides precise temperature and humidity control. 

Economizer Option 

  • Up to 100% airflow economizer dampers when conditions meet setpoint values. 

Modulating Hot Gas Reheat 

  • Enables humidity control and energy-efficient dehumidification. 

Dual Fuel Option 

  • In addition to electric heating, Alpha Class heat pumps offer a supplemental gas heater for extremely low-ambient temperatures. 

Reliability and Testing 

  • AAON conducts extensive testing to ensure reliable performance in extreme weather conditions and temperatures. 

Wide Range of Capacities 

  • Available in capacities ranging from 2 to 70 tons. 

For more information, explore AAON Alpha Class.