How do I update the PT-Link II Software & other files?

Resources for PT-Link II Software and other files.

How to Update the PT-Link II with Prism 2

File for Updating the PT-Link II Devices with Prism 2

PT-Link & Pt-Link II Set-up Files and Utilities for All Protocols


For updating the PT Link processor to the latest available firmware for PT-Link II BACnet4, LON-3, or N2-4 boards, choose one of these files and click on the instructions:

BACnet Update Software

LON-3 Update Software

N2-4 Update Software


If your config file is corrupted, missing, or not working, here are the default config files for each BACnet4, LON-3, and N2-4. 

BACnet Config Files

LON-3 Config Files

N2-4 Config Files