Where can I find unit clearances for AAON products?

AAON approved unit clearances are listed in the corresponding Installation, Operation, and Maintenance manual for each unit.


The most recent Installation, Operation, and Maintenance (IOM) manual for current AAON products are available on the AAON website https://www.aaon.com/products  

Unit clearances are the minimum clearance for servicing the unit and allow for both door swing and the replacement of components.  With clearances less than this, AAON cannot guarantee the ability to properly service the unit. 

Units are expected to be installed free of airflow restrictions.  AAON will not speculate on performance of units due to lack of airflow or recirculation caused by improper installation.  This free airflow includes but is not limited to surrounding walls no taller than the unit; sufficient free and clear airflow for proper condenser airflow; proper exhaust air path to prevent recirculation into the condenser or OA intake; clear outside air intake path free of debris; and prevailing winds which can affect consideration of other conditions. 

Condenser coils and fans must be free of any obstructions in order to start and operate properly with a correct amount of airflow. 

AAON is not responsible for reduced performance or difficulty servicing the unit due to reduced clearances or restricted airflow.