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What is the AHRI 920 standard?

AHRI 920 is the rating standard for DX Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems.

AHRI (Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute) 920 standard defines DX Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems as:

“A type of air-cooled, evaporatively-cooled, or water-cooled air-conditioner, or an air-source or water source heat pump, that is a factory assembled product designed and marketed and sold to provide ventilation and dehumidification of 100 % Outdoor Air, is capable of dehumidifying air to a 55ºF dew point when operating under Standard Rating Condition A”

The purpose of the AHRI 920 standard is to establish the definition and testing requirements for DX Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems. This standard ensures all manufacturers who submit to AHRI certified testing are all consistent in their approach to these units and the performance data they publish.