What processors are used in AAON Controls?

Processor selection is based on availability during assembly.

In order to maintain our industry-leading ship time, some of AAON's controls products use alternative processors.  The PIC32 processor requires software SS1xxx; the RP2040 processor requires software SS3xxx. There is no functional difference between the two types of boards.

The correct software package must be used for all software updates.

Please verify the software required for the following products before attempting to perform an update.  

  • Grow House Series
  • MHGRV-X Series
  • MODGAS-X Series
  • RSMD Series

The software is identified on the software label near the Status LED or using the Software Version screen. An error during the update or during reboot may be the result of loading the incorrect software. Contact AAON Technical Support for assistance, if required.