These modules can be used as a stand-alone or as expansion modules communicating with a VCCX2 Controller via a modular cable.

The Orion Controls product line allows the VCCX2 Controller to expand its features and capabilities by utilizing numerous application specific add-on modules.

The MHGRV-X series of modules control a Modulating Hot Gas Reheat Valve to maintain a desired Supply Air Temperature and Dehumidification Setpoint. These modules can be used as a stand-alone controller or can be used in conjunction with the VCM-X E-BUS, VCB-X, or the VCCX2 Controller, depending on the module. The MHGRV-X Reheat Expansion Module is designed to control one set of reheat valves. Connected together with the Reheat Expansion Modules, it provides a system that allows the proper control of multiple sets of valves.

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