Compressor Protection Module

The Compressor Protection Module is used in split systems as a stand-alone module.

The Orion Controls product line allows the VCCX2 Controller to expand its features and capabilities by utilizing numerous application specific add-on modules. These modules can be used as a stand-alone or as expansion modules communicating with a VCCX2 Controller via a modular cable.

It provides additional protection for compressors in systems with self-resetting pressure switches. The module uses high pressure and low pressure switches to disable the compressor and enforce a minimum compressor off time when a fault occurs. It also limits the number of retries and locks out the compressor if it exceeds the maximum number of allowed faults. The Compressor Protection Module sequence is intended to help with the start up of units with microchannel coils and prevent nuisance lockouts when the coil is cold.

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