Controlling the temperature and humidity of a natatorium or pool room can be difficult because both swimmers and spectators must be kept comfortable, even with wide variations in occupancy and activity, and space conditions must also minimize pool water evaporation to lower operating costs. Water evaporated into the air of an enclosed pool room makes swimmers uncomfortable, fogs windows, and condenses on and within walls causing structural damage. AAONDry Natatorium and Pool Room Dehumidifiers are essential in creating a comfortable indoor pool environment, by precisely controlling temperature and humidity.

AAONDry Advantages
Direct Drive Backward Curved Plenum Fans, Double Wall Rigid Polyurethane Foam Injected Panel Construction with an R-value of 13 or greater, 10-100% Variable Capacity Scroll Compressors, Variable Speed Scroll Compressors, Modulating Humidity Control, Factory Installed Total and Sensible Energy Recovery Wheels, High Efficiency Filtration, Make Up Air Capability, Economizers, VFD Controlled Supp, Return and Exhaust Fans, Hinged Access Doors, Access to All Sections of the Unit, and Factory Installed Controls Flexibility.

AAON offers complete packaged dehumidification systems from 12 lbw/hr to 953 lbw/hr (2 - 230 tons).

CB Series


CF Series

12-316 lbw/hr

M2 Series


RN Series

40 - 590 lbw/hrlbw/hr

RQ Series

12 - 40lbw/hr

RZ Series

197 - 953 lbw/hrlbw/hr

SA Series

98-305 lbw/hr

SB Series