Orion controls have been installed in AAON units for over two decades. The AAON Xtend program provides a packaged solution to upgrade older AAON and WattMaster Orion controllers to the current VCCX2 controller technology. By upgrading today, you can extend the life of the HVAC system, without the potential of costly downtime related to failure of an obsolete controller. Please refer to the master upgrade wiring diagram package below. Contact your local AAON representative for more details on this program.

What is AAON Xtend?

The AAON Xtend program consists of unique upgrade packages that provide a complete upgrade path from AAON’s legacy controllers to AAON’s latest controls solution.


You can have peace of mind knowing our team will help you every step of the way to assure you get a customized system upgrade for your specific needs.


At AAON, we understand how important a reliable HVAC system is. The Xtend program aims at solving a controls issue before it negatively impacts your business.

Xtend Marketing Materials

XTEND VCCX2 Controller Upgrade Package Wiring