AAON Zero Degree Cold Climate Air-Source Heat Pumps

2-50 tons

AAON Zero Degree Cold Climate Air-Source Heat Pumps are a critical solution that meets the increasing demand for building decarbonization in cold climates. With variable speed operation, these heat pumps provide energy efficient heating and cooling throughout the seasons.


  • Heat Pump Heating down to 0°F Outdoor Temperatures - AAON Zero Degree Cold Climate Air-Source Heat Pumps will operate at lower ambient temperatures than traditional heat pumps and with higher heating capacities at all operating conditions. This product is a viable option in climates where traditional heat pumps were not.
  • Wide Range of Capacities - AAON Zero Degree Cold Climate Air-Source Heat Pumps are available from 2-50 tons.
  • High Efficiency Electrified Heating AND High Efficiency Cooling - AAON Zero Degree Cold Climate Air-Source Heat Pumps have AHRI certified heating COP (Coefficient of Performance) of up to 3.7 and cooling IEER (Integrated Energy Efficiency Ratio) up to 21.5, saving energy costs in both the winter and the summer!
  • Precise Comfort Control without burning fossil fuels - Variable speed compressor heat pump heating combined with an auxiliary modulating electric heater allows comfortable heating control, even on extreme off-design days without the use of fossil fuels. Variable speed compressor system also provides precise cooling control.


  • Reliable Performance - AAON has tested and verified this solution’s heat pump heating performance down to an ambient temperature of 0°F in the NAIC laboratory psychrometric testing chambers. The integrated data acquisition system in the chambers is capable of reading, processing, and saving over 93,000 points of data per minute. The psychrometric test chambers are capable of creating ambient test conditions from -20°F to 130°F.  AAON Zero Degree Cold Climate Air-Source Heat Pumps cooling and heat pump heating performance is AHRI certified.
  • High Quality Cabinet - Two-inch rigid polyurethane foam insulated panels have a thermal resistance        R-value of 13 or greater, which exceeds the R-value of a cabinet with four-inch thick fiberglass construction. This standard feature allows the heat pump heating to provide useful heating to the building instead of being wasted by escaping through the rooftop cabinet.

Fans and Blowers

  • Variable Speed Fans - Variable speed supply fans and variable speed outdoor fans provide high performance heat pump heating and cooling airflow. Variable speed control allows for energy savings at reduced airflow.


  • AAON Controls optimize performance during all modes of operation. 


  • Dual Fuel Option - AAON allows the selection of a gas heater with the AAON Zero Degree Cold Climate Air-Source Heat Pump to provide supplemental heat. 
  • Economizer - Up to 100% airflow economizer dampers provide energy-saving free-conditioning when conditions meet setpoint values. 
  • Energy Recovery Wheel - Selecting an Energy Recovery Wheel as a feature increases the COP of the unit significantly and also helps the heat pump heating to be more effective by preconditioning the outside air.

RN Series

RQ Series