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AAON Manufacturing HVAC Equipment for Temporary Hospitals and Critical Infrastructure

BY Stephanie Cameron 04/03/2020

AAON, Inc. (NASDAQ-AAON) is proud to announce that today the first truckload of AAON HVAC equipment shipped out for the Stony Brook Temporary Hospital under construction in Stony Brook, NY. As an essential manufacturer of HVAC systems, AAON is doing all we can for our customers that have AAON equipment on critical infrastructure and those customers that need new equipment or parts for critical infrastructure.

“On Sunday, March 29th, I received a call from Joe Sbarra, the President of the AAON salesrepresentative office in New York City, Gil-Bar Industries, inquiring about the ability of AAON to build 2,200 tons of HVAC equipment for a temporary hospital. By Tuesday, an order was placed for forty-four 50 ton customized AAON units. We went into immediate 24-hour production of thisequipment in order to ensure delivery of all equipment by Tuesday, April 7th. The assembly line building these units in Tulsa is now completely full with this job and the balance of units will be shipped this weekend,” stated Gary Fields, President of AAON.

This project is part of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers efforts to support the FEMA-led response to the pandemic in New York. Construction is expected to be completed by April 18th. JB&B Consulting Engineers designed the mechanical systems for the project.

A second order has already been placed for another temporary hospital at SUNY Old Westbury, in Old Westbury, NY. Those thirty-six 50 ton AAON units are scheduled to ship out a week later. The 4,000 tons of HVAC equipment on these two orders equates to the air conditioning for more than 1,300 single-family homes.

Mr. Fields added, “AAON is pleased to participate in emergency efforts such as this one, without any premium pricing for expedited manufacturing and shipment. Multiple other critical projects are also underway at all of our manufacturing facilities. We have the manufacturing capacity, and we are committed to being a part of the solution to these urgent needs.”

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Stephanie Cameron

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