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Vertical Water-Source Heat Pumps

AAON WV Series Vertical Water-Source Heat Pumps lead the industry with innovative design, performance, and serviceability. The technologically advanced AAON WSHP manufacturing line is unmatched in the industry, utilizing a unique production methodology that integrates mass production with mass customization and allows production of hundreds of units per day. AAON Water-Source Heat Pumps are stocked and ready to ship. Replacement units match the size of conventional water-source heat pump units.



• Vertical Configuration Water-Source Heat Pumps, from ½ to 30 tons

• Multiple Levels of Efficiency

• Standard efficiency level significantly exceeding ASHRAE Standards at AHRI conditions


• Replacement Ready size matches with conventional water-source heat pumps

• All Aluminum Construction results in significantly less weight and superior corrosion resistance

• Hem Bends reduce sharp edges and improve serviceability

• Left or Right Hand Return

• Top Discharge

• Neoprene Foam Rubber Cabinet Insulation eliminates fiber in the airstream

• Tool-less Control Panel Service Access

• Sloped Stainless Steel Drain Pan includes Automated TIG and Induction Welding

• Integrated internal condensate P-Trap within the cabinet eliminates need for housekeeping pad

• Induction Brazed Copper Piping Connections

• 5 Year Parts Warranty - Standard!

• Sellable or Recyclable Sheet Metal Pallet - Standard!

Standard Features

• R-410A Scroll (2 to 30 tons) or Rotary (½ to 1½ tons) Compressors for Reliable Operation

• Aluminum Microchannel DX Coil with large face are for improved efficiency, reduced air pressure drop, reduced fan horsepower, reduced refrigerant charge, and reduced unit weight

• Copper Coaxial Refrigerant-to-Water Heat Exchanger for reliable operation

• High Efficiency Direct Drive Forward Curved Supply Fans available with Permanent Split Capacitor (PSC) motors or Electronically Commutated Motors (ECM)

• Direct Drive ECM Driven Backward Curved Plenum Fan is standard on the A and B Cabinets (½ to 1½ tons)

 • AAON Pioneer Silver Controller with terminal block for connection to standard thermostat heat pump thermostat

Factory Installed Options

• Corrosion Resistant Cupronickel Coaxial Refrigerant-to-Water Heat Exchanger

• Factory Installed Non-Fused Disconnect Switch

• Low Sound Package reduce fan and compressor sound

• Four Inch Filter Rack available with High Efficiency Filters, Up to MERV 14

• Factory Provided Return Air Duct Connection

• ECM Fan Speed Control Dehumidification Mode Fan Speed Control

• Hot Gas Reheat Dehumidification

• Factory Installed Waterside Economizer with Three-Way Motorized Valve

• Ground/Ground Water Loop Insulation for Geothermal application