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Horizontal Water-Source Heat Pumps

AAON WH Series Horizontal Water-Source Heat Pumps lead the industry with innovative design, performance, and serviceability. The technologically advanced AAON WSHP manufacturing line is unmatched in the industry, utilizing a unique production methodology that integrates mass production with mass customization and allows production of hundreds of units per day. AAON Water-Source Heat Pumps are stocked and ready to ship. Replacement units match the size of conventional water-source heat pump units.




• Horizontal Configuration Water-Source Heat Pumps, from ½ to 20 tons

• Multiple Levels of Efficiency

• Standard efficiency level significantly exceeding ASHRAE Standards


• Replacement Ready size matches with conventional water-source heat pumps

• All Aluminum Construction results in significantly less weight and superior corrosion resistance

• Hem Bends reduce sharp edges and improve serviceability

• Left or Right Hand Return

• Left, Right or End Discharge

• Neoprene Foam Rubber Cabinet Insulation for IAQ sensitive applications

• Tool-less Control Panel Service Access

• Bottom Service Access to expansion valve, reversing valve, filter drier, supply fan, and filters

• Integrated Hanging Brackets with Rubber Vibration Isolation are durable and simplify installation

• Sloped Stainless Steel Drain Pan includes Automated TIG and Induction Welding

• Induction Brazed Copper Piping Connections

• Integrated Two Inch Filter Rack - Standard!

• Sellable or Recyclable Sheet Metal Pallet - Standard!

• 5 Year Parts Warranty - Standard!

Standard Features

• R-410A scroll compressors are included on units 2 tons and larger. R-410A rotary compressors are included on units from ½ through 1 ½ tons. Compressors are
isolated from the cabinet for reduced vibration

• Large face area DX coil improves the efficiency of the unit, minimizes air pressure drop, and reduces required fan horsepower. Aluminum microchannel coils minimize refrigerant charge and overall unit weight. Factory provided return duct flange connection is available

• Coaxial heat exchanger provides reliable operation. Cupronickel heat exchanger option is available for additional corrosion resistance.

• High Efficiency Direct Drive Forward Curved Supply Fans available with Permanent Split Capacitor (PSC) motors or Electronically Commutated Motors (ECM)

• Direct Drive ECM Driven Backward Curved Plenum Fan is standard on the A and B Cabinets (½ to 1½ tons)

 • AAON Pioneer Silver Controller with terminal block for connection to standard heat pump thermostat

Factory Installed Options

• Corrosion Resistant Cupronickel Coaxial Refrigerant-to-Water Heat Exchanger

• Factory Installed Non-Fused Disconnect Switch

• Low Sound Package reduce fan and compressor sound

• Four Inch Filter Rack available with High Efficiency Filters, Up to MERV 14

• Factory Provided Return Air Duct Connection

• ECM Fan Speed Control Dehumidification

• Hot Gas Reheat Dehumidification

• Factory Installed Waterside Economizer with Three-Way Motorized Valve

• Ground/Ground Water Loop Insulation for Geothermal application


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