VCCX2 Controller

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The VCCX2 Controller is a configurable unit controller that can be used for Constant Air Volume, Variable Air Volume (VAV), Single Zone VAV, Make-Up Air, and Space Temperature Control of a High Percentage Outdoor Air applications. It can be used for air to air heat pump or water source heat pump units.

The VCCX2 Controller is designed with 8 analog inputs, 4 analog outputs, 8 binary inputs and 8 relay outputs - all for specifically designed functions. It also has an on-board BACnet® port for connection to an MS/TP network. The VCCX2 has a 2 X 8 LCD character display and 4 buttons that provide for status and alarm display, force mode inputs, and BACnet® configuration. An available EM1 Expansion Module and 12 Relay Expansion Module are available to provide additional specific I/O functions.

The VCCX2 Controller typically uses Refrigerant System Module(s) to control everything related to the refrigeration circuit(s), including compressors, condensers, and electronic expansion valves while also monitoring for applicable safeties and alarms. There are different Refrigerant System Modules depending on whether the unit has Digital Compressors or VFD Compressors.

There are also 2 E-BUS Expansion ports on the VCCX2 Controller which allow for the connection of the expansion modules described above as well as communicating sensors via modular E-BUS cables. There are presently 7 communicating sensors available. Two of these sensors have LCD displays: the E-BUS Digital Space Temperature Only Sensor and the E-BUS Digital Space Temperature and Humidity Sensor. There is an E-BUS Digital Space Temperature and Humidity Sensor with no display, an E-BUS Space CO2 Sensor, an E-BUS duct CO2 sensor, an E-BUS vertical mounted Outdoor Temperature and Humidity Sensor, and an E-BUS horizontal mounted Outdoor Temperature and Humidity Sensor.

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