VAV Zone Controller

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The P.I. VAV/Zone Controller is designed for pressure independent VAV Box and Zone Damper applications. It is supplied with an integral Airflow Sensor and is mounted in a plastic enclosure. The P.D. VAV/Zone Controller is designed for pressure dependent VAV Box and Zone Damper applications and is mounted in a plastic enclosure.

A BACnet® version of the P.I. and P.D. VAV/Zone Controller is also available containing an on-board BACnet® port for connection to an MS/TP network. The BACnet® version also provides a 2 x 8 LCD character display and 4 buttons that allow for status and alarm display as well as BACnet® configuration.

All of the VAV/Zone Controllers are designed for use with a Zone Damper Actuator. The VAV/Zone Controller connects to the actuator via the modular cable that is included with the actuator.

The VAV/Zone Controller can use a Standard Room Temperature Sensor wired to the provided 3 position terminal block or an E-BUS Digital Room Sensor connected via the integral E-BUS cable connector or to the provided 4 position terminal block. The VAV/Zone Controller also has a 2 position terminal block for wiring a Discharge Temperature Sensor, if desired.

A relay output on the VAV/Zone Controller provides for one stage of electric heat or an On/Off Hot Water Valve if the controlled terminal unit is not a fan terminal unit.

An optional Expansion Module is available for applications using fan terminals and/or more than 1 stage of electric heat, SCR electric heat, or modulating HW heat. The Expansion Module connects to the VAV/Zone Controller by means of a prefabricated E-BUS cable.