AAON Touchscreen Controller

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AAON products are available today with the Touchscreen Controller. The Touchscreen Controller is a networkable controller with built-in space temperature and humidity sensors that mounts directly in the space similar to a conventional thermostat. The powerful, yet simple, controller allows set-and-forget control over an indoor environment without the expense of a large building automation system.

The AAON Touchscreen Controller is designed as an economical control system alternative that is compatible with a wide range of AAON equipment and applications. It is designed specifically for use with high efficiency AAON equipment and can control systems with up to two total compressors. Energy saving options include variable speed fan control, modulating sensible or enthalpy economizer control, modulating compressor control, heat pump operation, energy recovery, occupancy scheduling, and CO2 options for demand control ventilation.

The controller can function as stand-alone control or as part of a BACnet MS/TP or Modbus RTU networked system. If installed for stand-alone application, the network can be added later if desired. Networking enables monitoring and control from remote locations.



• Constant Air Volume

• Variable Air Volume (VAV)

• Single Zone VAV

• Makeup Air

• Air-Cooled

• Water-Cooled

• Air-Source Heat Pump

• Chilled Water Air Handling Unit


• Designed to be space mounted, the Touchscreen Controller includes built-in temperature and humidity sensing, as well as easy access to occupancy scheduling.

• User-friendly, high-contrast, 4.3 inch touchscreen interface.

• In addition to the built-in sensors, multiple inputs are available for external sensors, which include options for modulating hot gas reheat, sensible and enthalpy economizer, CO2 indoor air quality control, clogged filter switch, condenser head pressure control, energy recovery,
and outside airflow monitoring.

• Display of space temperature, space relative humidity, supply air temperature, return air temperature, and outside air temperature depending on options selected.

• Can be used with remote space temperature sensor and remote humidity sensor allowing Touchscreen Controller to located in an office or mechanical room.

• Separate Admin, Operator, and User password protected profiles. Three levels of access prevent disruption of operation and configuration.

• During installation, easily select from the built-in, factory tested library of application control sequences.

• Built-in occupancy scheduling with Weekly, Weekday/ Weekend, and Daily options for easy configuration.

• Multiple built-in alarms enhance system monitoring.

• Can be configured to control variable capacity compressor lead stage or variable capacity compressor all stages, with control of up to two total compressors.

• Can be configured for up to four stages of heating, modulating gas heat, or SCR electric heat.

• Chilled water and hot water fully modulating valve control for air handling unit applications.



Applicable AAON Products Include:

• Rooftop Units (Up to 2 compressors)

- RQ and RN Series

• Self-Contained Units (Up to 2 compressors)

- SB Series, SA Series, and M2 Series

• Chilled Water Air Handling Units

- RN, RQ, H3, V3, and M2 Series

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