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Flush Mount Room Sensor

 Our Flush Mount Room Sensor comes in 4 different styles:

• Plain

• With Push-Button Override

• With Setpoint Slide Adjust

• With Push-Button Override and Slide Adjust

E-BUS Digital Room Sensor - Our E-BUS Digital Room Sensor is a communicating sensor that connects to the controller. There are 2 different styles - with display and without display. The E-BUS Digital Room Sensor with display comes in 2 different configurations - temperature-only or temperature and humidity. The E-BUS Digital Room Sensor without display is a temperature and humidity sensor.

E-BUS Outdoor Air Temperature & Humidity Sensor - Our E-BUS Outdoor Air Temperature and Humidity Sensor is a combination sensor that connects to the VCCX2 and VCB-X Controller using a provided 10 foot EBC E-BUS modular cable.