Modular Service Tool

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The Modular Service Tool is a system operator interface that provides a direct link to enable the system operator to view the status, configure, and adjust the setpoints of the VCCX2, VCC-X, VCB-X, VCM-X E-BUS, SA E-BUS, RNE, VCM-X, VCM, VAV/CAV, MUA II or VAV/Zone Controller on the control system communications loop.

The Modular Service Tool is housed in an attractive black plastic enclosure. The display area is covered with a clear plastic bezel for protection of the display screen. The Modular Service Tool has a 4-line-by-20-character display panel with adjustable contrast control and a 27-key membrane keypad for data selection and entry. All keypad operations are simple and straight forward, utilizing non-cryptic plain English language messages. Menu-driven programming allows for easy setup and operation without the need for specialized training.

The Modular Service Tool is supplied with a programmable 4 Gigabyte SD memory card, (4) AA 1.5 V batteries, a wall mount, a DC power supply, a mini-Din communication cable, and an E-BUS communication cable. The mini-Din cable allows you to connect the Modular Service Tool to any Orion controller which has a mini-Din connector socket for programming, monitoring, and troubleshooting purposes.  It also has an RS-485 terminal block for connecting to the VAV/Zone Controller or other controllers that do not have a mini-Din connector. The Modular Service Tool is also equipped with an EBC E-BUS port and an RS-485 three conductor terminal block port. The E-BUS port and included E-BUS cable are used for updating E-BUS Module software 

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