GPC-XP Controller

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The GPC-XP Controller is used for controlling equipment or processes that cannot be controlled using a standard HVAC controller.

The GPC-XP provides the flexibility to control, schedule and/or monitor equipment such as unit heaters, exhaust fans, motorized dampers, pumps, and other mechanical equipment. It can also be used for simple boiler, chiller, or refrigeration applications as well as to provide (1) lead/lag start function.

The GPC-XP has an on-board CommLink that provides for standalone programming and monitoring via a direct USB connection to a computer running Prism 2 software. If used on a networked system that has an external CommLink, this on-board CommLink would not be used. Alternatively, the System Manager Touch Screen II for GPC-XP can be used to view status, perform force modes, and set schedules.

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