F1 Series

AAON F1 Series Indoor Air Handling Units are available in vertical and multi-position configurations and can be used for residential or light commercial applications. Galvanized steel construction with foil faced insulation, high efficiency direct drive ECM driven supply fan and optional heat pump configuration allow the F1 Series to have quiet, energy efficient performance.

F1 Series Multiposition F1 Series Multiposition with Modulating Hot Gas Reheat F1 Series Vertical F1 Series Multiposition Vertical F1 Series with Electric Heat F1 Series Service Access F1 Series without Exterior Paint


Nominal CFM Width Height* Length
024 800 22 51 21
036 1,200
048 1,600 26 59 22
060 2,000
*Dimensions may vary depending on options selected.
All dimensions are in inches.
Design cfm may be 30-50% greater or less than nominal cfm.