Customer Controls

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Customer Provided Controls

Terminal Block or Customer Installed Controls is a low voltage terminal block with labeled connections provided for field connection to a thermostat or a field provided and installed control system. Factory installed isolation relays can be provided to prevent a voltage drop in the control circuit.

Factory Installed Customer Provided Controls is a feature available from AAON that allows you to specify the type and manufacturer of the controller to be used in your AAON equipment. The AAON sales representative and AAON applications personnel will review your specific control requirements to verify that the controller selected is capable of providing all inputs and outputs required to operate AAON equipment. By understanding the application and the controller selected for use, the AAON engineering department can verify if the controller is able to physically fit in the control cabinet along with the other required factory installed components. AAON will then integrate this controller into the equipment and create a custom wiring diagram specifically for your unit.

This option allows complete flexibility in controls used on the job and prevents jobs from being locked into proprietary controllers or manufacturer specific control strategies. Factory installed customer provided controls saves time and money at the job site by allowing AAON expert technicians who have knowledge of AAON equipment to install and wire the controls at the factory.