Communication Devices

Communication Devices

CommLink 5

The CommLink 5 is used to transfer communications between controllers or local loops on your control system. It can also be used as an interface for connection of a PC to your system. The CommLink 5 provides communication with the control system through any computer that is running Prism 2 software. For remote communications, an IP Module Kit can be installed for LAN and Internet connections.


IP Module

The IP Module installs into the CommLink 5 Communications Interface and provides a TCP/IP Port connection from the AAON control system to a building’s Ethernet LAN, providing communications with the control system through any PC (with Prism 2 software installed) connected to the LAN or the Internet (if configured for access through your LAN’s Internet firewall).

Using standard TCP/IP Protocol, with AAON Prism 2 software, you are able to monitor and configure your controllers without a modem or a direct connection from a PC. Utilizing existing routers, proxies, or firewalls allows a PC running Prism 2 to connect to a controller in a remote accessible location or building. Several IP connection profiles can be created to facilitate monitoring several sites.


USB-Link 2

The USB-Link 2 is a portable device that is used as an interface to connect your computer to most AAON controllers without the need for a CommLink.

The USB-Link 2 provides a direct link to enable you to view the status and configure and adjust the setpoints of any controller on the control system communications loop using Prism 2 software.

The USB-Link 2 is small in size and is powered by the USB port of the computer it is plugged into, making it completely portable and allowing connection to the system from any controller.


MiniLink PD 5

The MiniLink PD 5 is a communications device that is used to integrate multiple local communication loops into a network communications system. The MiniLink PD 5 is required on the Orion Control system to separate local loops. Up to 60 MiniLink loops can be on a system.

Local loop terminals of the MiniLink PD 5 are designed to connect to controllers that are daisy-chained together on its local communications loop. 

Network loop terminals on the MiniLink PD 5 are used to daisy-chain multiple MiniLinks back to a CommLink 5 to form a network communications loop. This provides for a fully networked communications system. 

The MiniLink PD 5 is required for VAV systems to allow information to be shared between the VAV unit controller and the Orion VAV boxes.  It is also required for zoning systems to facilitate voting of the zones to determine the HVAC units heating and cooling mode of operation. It also provides tenant-logging capabilities.  


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